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SEEDA Stakeholder Survey closes Wednesday 31st March

1 March 2010

SEEDA stakeholder survey, please follow the link.

It is our vision to be the best economic development agency a top global region could have - with expert interventions, expert deal making and expert advice. 

We have recently launched a new structure, following a major reorganisation of priorities, direction and focus.

A smaller, more focused, agile and responsive SEEDA is focused on the twin themes of:

  • Helping business to survive the challenging economic conditions
  • Investing in developing the capacity and capability of the region to respond to the eventual upturn from a position of strength.

As we confront the challenge of helping the South East regain economic prosperity it is vital that we understand the views of our stakeholders and partners and use them to help intensify our focus on going for economic growth in the South East. 

We would like to know your thoughts on how we carry out our work and what you think our focus should be in the future.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey click here.  This should take no more than 15 minutes.   The survey is open until Wednesday 31st March 2010 and we will publish the results Spring 2010 including information on how we have taken the results into our work.



For more information please contact our press office

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