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SEEDA welcomes the Crown Estates decision on Wind Farm Expansion

14 January 2010

Business opportunities for South East companies stemming from today’s Government announcement on new off-shore wind farms have been welcomed by SEEDA. Two of the farms will be off the South Coast.

Oona Muirhead, Group Executive Director of Strategy and Support, says: “SEEDA welcomes the news that E.ON and Eneco have been awarded the licenses to develop new off-shore wind farms off the Hastings/Brighton and Isle of Wight coasts.

”The announcement will provide significant supply chain opportunities for existing companies based around the newly licensed wind farms and South East ports such as Newhaven, Shoreham, Portsmouth and Southampton stand to benefit as key conduits for access to the wind farms.

She added: "It’s a great opportunity for businesses in the South East and ports such as Newhaven, where the infrastructure exists to provide a potential base for wind farm construction and future growth. The development of sustainable technologies is a priority area for SEEDA, as shown by our investment in Vestas’ new wind turbine R&D centre on the Isle of Wight. Knowledge, expertise, and skills already established in the region means we are well-placed to support this programme. We hope this decision provides an incentive for wind turbine manufacturers to establish themselves within the South East and to utilise components from the region’s first class suppliers."

"Expansion of the offshore wind industry and development of the two South East wind farms will help South East companies build on existing strengths to become globally competitive in this field, creating jobs and economic success. It will also allow our companies to contribute to the national target of supplying 15 per cent of energy from renewable resources by 2020."

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