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RDA Supports Government Decision on Investment in New Nuclear Power Stations

10 January 2008

SEEDA has responded positively to the Government’s decision for a new generation of nuclear power stations.

A revitalised nuclear energy programme has a key role to play in tackling the challenges of ensuring security of supply and climate change, within a balanced 'mix' of energy generation technologies. Low-carbon energy supplies are critical for a successful and sustainable economy for the UK and the South East region.

SEEDA also welcome the Government’s recognition of the need for greater support for renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, and distributed generation. We will continue our efforts to further the mix of energy supply in the Region.

Since any new nuclear power stations would be unlikely to come on-stream much before 2020, SEEDA recognises that a rapid expansion of renewable energy generation, alongside major improvements in demand management, is needed to address our more immediate energy needs.

SEEDA Chairman Jim Brathwaite commented:

"The Government’s decision has brought to an end a long period of uncertainty. New nuclear power will make a key contribution towards delivering the carbon-free and secure energy supplies we need to support the development of the UK’s economy. SEEDA supports the Government’s view that without a clean, secure and sufficient supply of energy we would not be able to function as an economy or as a modern society – and, alongside other supply technologies, nuclear power has a major role to play. We are keen to work with the Government to addresses necessary and genuine concerns over safety, risk management, nuclear skills and the management and disposal of radioactive waste."

SEEDA will work with energy companies proposing to build new nuclear power stations (especially on existing sites, given their existing infrastructure and local integration) and in doing so, will seek to maximise benefit for the region.




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