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130 Sporting Facilities are Identified in the SEEDA Region for 2012 Pre-Games Training

4 March 2008
130 sport facilties in seeda for 2012 pregames

The published 2012 pre-training camps guide contains information on the best elite sporting facilities across the South East. They will help teams and individuals athletes prepare for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Pam Alexander, Chief Executive of the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) and Chair of the South East Partnership for the 2012 Games said: "The South East region is delighted that we have so many facilities included in the Pre Games Training Camp Guide. This reflects the high quality of elite sporting venues and the large number of internationally recognised locations, from Brands Hatch to Stoke Mandeville."

Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Organising Committee (LOCOG), Olympic, SEEDA Board Member Poul Christensen, Olympic swimming gold medalist Adrian Moorhouse, and 800 m paralympian Danny Crates helped to launch the London 2012 Pre-training Camp Guide at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on Monday 3rd March 2008.

Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Organising Committee (LOCOG), commented: "We said that we wanted the London Games to be for athletes, and the facilities listed in this Guide will really help overseas athletes prepare well. It also provides a great opportunity for towns throughout the UK to get involved in our plans. The process we have been through shows a great spread of high quality facilities throughout the UK that can be used by elite level athletes. The new website will continue to be an asset to keep an up-to-date log of the elite facilities we have across the UK."

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