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RDAs buy in to Government's commitment to boost Renewable Energy

26 June 2008

The English Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) welcome the Government's Consultation on a new Renewable Energy Strategy to meet demanding EU renewable energy targets for 2020.

The RDAs will respond positively and constructively to the Government's Consultation and have a key role to play in helping businesses to meet these ambitious targets, which will create new jobs as the renewable energy sector grows.

"We welcome the Renewable Energy Strategy Consultation, and are fully aware of what is at stake. The RDAs recognise the need to tackle climate change through developing a low-carbon economy, and renewable energy has a major part to play in this. We are already working to achieve the 'double-dividend' of environmental improvement and sustainable wealth creation by helping UK businesses to develop and sell their low-carbon technologies and services to rapidly expanding global markets."

Graham Tubb, SEEDA Head of Energy Policy.

The RDAs welcome the proposal for regional targets for renewable energy generation and will want to explore with Government the delivery mechanisms and resources available to support them.

The Government's initiative to expand wind power, particularly offshore wind is good news; however the RDAs will underline the need for UK Ports to provide the facilities for offshore wind development (and other offshore renewables) in its response to the Strategy. Without suitable Port facilities, the economic boost to the UK offshore wind supply chain could be lost to overseas companies.

The RDAs accept that meeting EU targets will require a tenfold increase in the proportion of electricity coming from renewables. RDAs are pleased that the Government's recognises their important role in developing and delivering national energy policy at regional level. While the RDAs are already supporting the development of renewable energy supply chains, we welcome the Government’s intention to work with RDAs to develop a coordinated strategy to tackle supply chain barriers.

RDAs already recognise the importance of secure and sustainable energy in their Regional Economic Strategies and action plans. RDAs have endorsed the importance of a mixed portfolio of energy technologies to deliver the secure and sustainable energy supplies which are critical to economic success.



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